I recently purchased two Zero Delay USB Joystick Encoders and have questions about the devices the seller can't answer and I can't find anywhere on the interwebs. These things are missing components that were shown in the listing, mostly resistors, and there is no documentation anywhere I can find. What is the purpose of these resistors, and what would be the result of the empty slots being populated? I've tried hunting a schematic or more detailed diagram of the board, but everything I've seen leaves out most everything useful.

I've been told by various people that if it works, it works, but I don't see a Chinese factory cranking out boards that are larger than they have to be. Also, if you look close, a resistor on my board jumps its intended slot on one side and is soldered into the hole next to it. I understand that this is mostly pointless, but I'm new to the electronics modding scene and this is a learning experience. Thanks for any advice.