Hi there.

I am looking around for a camera and microphone system (I have a speaker already) for something like webchat on things like skype. Because in my opinion, I can mod skype to the point that I can talk to friends. or just use something like discord online. I'm really looking to do a simple thing, and if that's too much, I'm lost. I think a small camera is nice, something I can use to take pictures of myself or other things. I'm really looking to make my Pi-Top a computer tablet... if that's even a thing... and try to do awesome with it. I don't know if turning my pi into a multi-thing-running mini supercomputer is a good idea... I hope my Pi doesn't eat me if it develops AI. If it does and begins terrorizing the world, it probably ate me first. If a grey Pi-Top without a screen and lots of widgets goes to your door and rings the doorbell/knocks, don't answer.