Need to know the supply voltage, data sources, and yields here -

I'm investigating building a modular analog synthesizer and learning electronics along the way.
I want to get a firm understanding of the supply voltage, inputs and outputs specification that is generally adopted, between each of the modules.

For example, I'm cautious a 15V power supply (an example from radiates an impression of being common; and 1V/Octave for the VCO. Is this benefit? Is a +15v, - 15v supply utilized? Additionally, what is the yield spec for the sound VCO?

Might anyone have the ability to prescribe additionally investigating for these general judgments and examinations?

I'm new to this, and I'm beginning with inspecting the key rules of a VCO, regardless, need to build up my trials because of the fundamental purposes of intrigue - to drive to an essential target. I would slant toward not to simply manufacture a meander that is out there, regardless, take in the models, plan, and make - I won't wind up with the most stable modules.

Likely pioneers, for example, Moog set beginning gauges, however quick to recognize what the standard electrical spec for clear synthesizers are, and how these connect into the music studio.

Expectation somebody can help further.

Best Regards