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Postby chuckkh » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:28 pm

Faced with having to buy a crystal to serve as master clock for a protocol that doesn't require a master clock, and then figure out how to get RPi to cooperate with the crystal, I've finally given up on making my own circuit for the TI DAC IC I purchased. Now I see that, while my budget is more limited than I like to admit, some of the premade cards I see people talking about aren't so bad price-wise.
But really, I just saw on this site that the Cirrus Logic Audio Card, one of the few I can find available at a semi-reasonable price for shipping to Romania, has been replaced with "a superior alternative - Pi-DAC+" that doesn't even have ADC? Am I the only Pi owner disappointed by that? I'm looking for high-quality audio, not an entertainment system. I.E., I'm a musician and a long-term Linux audio user.

Regardless, I have a question. Supposing I do choose to order one of these Cirrus Logic cards that are still around. Can I still use any of the Pi's other GPIO pins? As a Windows 95 user 20 years ago, I only needed 25 pins to run my peripherals, and if just an audio card covers up all 40 pins on a brand-new device, it seems like a big step backwards. Looking at the quasi-datasheet provided by Element 14, it appears that, yup, just the audio device uses almost all 40 IO pins. :shock:
Anyone have one? Any observations? Any other musicians still trying to make use of a Pi and interested in ADC?



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Postby bubblehead333 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:04 pm

Hi Chuckk,

I have the Cirrus Audio Card for my RPi 2 (was an absolute mission to get it working) and it does have an audio input (and presumably an ADC, I'm still a newbie). I use it to record a line out straight from my guitar and then process it using puredata. Works a charm!

The card doesn't use all 40 GPIO pins, it uses these:

GPIO diagram:

Hope this helps!


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