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Install bash script for PIco UPS HV3.0A series
Here you'll find a install script as part of the original PIco UPS HV3.0A series manual, thx to @Pimaster for that.
When using this script it aint mandatory to follow the install manual or install, amend anything to your Raspberry Pi3.
This script is pretty straight forward.
And takes care everything for you in order to be able to install all PIco UPS HV3.0A necessities.

1. Install your PIco UPS board before continuing
2. This script is only intended for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
3. Use a clean Rasbian Jessie 8.0 installation
4. Latest 4.1 or up kernel
5. Set correct timezone in raspi-config
6. It's advised to make a backup of your sdcard first before continuing

I don't take any responsibility if your OS, Rpi or PIco board gets broken
You are using this script on your own responsibility!!!

Install guide via ssh:
1. SSH into your Raspberry PI
2. Create a bash file called pico_installer.sh
3. Copy and past the content from the (here) into your new create .sh file
4. chmod +x /<file_location>/pico_installer.sh
5. sudo bash /<file_location>/pico_installer.sh
6. Follow instructions...

Install guide via ftp and ssh:
1. Download a pre zipped .sh file from here
2. Unzip this zipped file and copy the content to your Raspberry Pi with any kind of ftp program
3. SSH into your Raspberry PI
4. chmod +x /<file_location>/pico_installer.sh
5. sudo bash /<file_location>/pico_installer.sh
6. Follow instructions...

PIco Install Script @ github:

PIco Install Script @ zipped:


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Although i'm not a coder the script can contain bugs or wrong coding
i'm open for comments or suggestions
Please comment or suggest if you find anything that can be amended, optimized or to fix typos...