Hi folks, I'm new here. I was once an IBM mainframe programmer (primarily COBOL), but have done little programming other than some MS-Basic in the last 25 years or so. I have no hands-on experience of R-Pi, Arduino or any other similar computer or microprocessor but am game to renew my programming/coding skills. So I'm looking for a bit of advice please.
I have an idea for a fun home project but am unsure which platform route I should go down. My project would involve audio as it's input. The main aim of the program would be to detect the volume level of the audio, and should the volume exceed a preset volume level, a motor would be triggered to run for a given number of seconds. I'm not currently sure whether the motor would be a low-voltage motor running directly off a Pi/Arduino, or whether it would be higher voltage operated by a relay.
That's about it.. There would be a 'Settings' section of the program allowing the trigger volume level to be adjusted (up or down) and also the number of seconds the motor runs for. It would be good if the microphone/audio input could possibly be either directly connected by cable, or possibly by relatively close proximity bluetooth, but that's a nice-to-have rather than a 'must'.
So folks, before I open the wallet and buy the wrong stuff, can anyone specifically recommend a route to follow?