I am developing an iOS app to communicate with a wheelchair and to establish an end-to-end connection between an iOS Device, a Genuinio 101 (using BLE) and the Drive system of the wheelchair (basically replacing the joystick).

I believe the Genuino needs to operate as a Master as it is communicating with both the Drive system and the iOS device.

Ideally I would like 5 outputs but I think the Genuino is limited to 4, but it might work for now.

Initially I'd like to test the iOS-Genuino connection/function by using LED lights on breadboard for example.

I am not an electronics engineer so I want to make sure I buy the right components that can perform in this end-to-end chain.

So my questions are:
- will the Genuino 101 do the job
- do you have an alternative micro-processor package that can do the job with BLE etc..
- what accessories will I need. For example, USB-A to USB-B connector, battery, connectors, breadboard (I need to avoid any soldering!!), resistors etc

What do you recommend and whites the price?

I hope this all makes sense. I'd be grateful for your advice and look forward to hearing from you.