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Postby Julian » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:12 am

I have recently received a BMP280 board from you.
I have soldered on the header and breadboarded it to the Arduino UNO as instructed:-
Vin to 5V Gnd to Gnd SCK to A5 and SDI to A4
Note that the Adafruit instructions refer to SCL and SDA pins on the BMP280 board, but I assume that SCK and SDI are the equivalent pins on my BMP280 board (they are in the same positions as in the website photo of the board)

Having installed the necessary libraries, I ran the BMP280test sketch.
If the BMP280 is not connected to the UNO, the Serial Monitor outputs "BMP280 test" followed by "Could not find a valid BMP2809 sensor, check wiring!"
If the BMP280 is connected to the UNO the output is "BMP280 test" but nothing else.
This suggests to me that the UNO can see the BMP280 board, as it is not outputting the "Could not find....." message, but the BMP280 is not responding properly.

Does this sound like a faulty chip?????


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Postby Julian » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:34 pm

Referring to my earlier posting on the same subject:-


The BMP280 is now working correctly - one of the wire links with my Sparkfun Inventor's Kit was open circuit - I should have checked them all before posting.

Sorry to have wasted your time

Best Regards


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