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Postby LitoGab » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:41 pm


I'm working on a lab which final purpose is to monitor several informations such as temp / humidity (same sensor), laser beam, smoke, pir (movement). After this there is all the internet graphs update etc… but I'll make a dedicated post on this for anyone who could be helped with it.

Taken each independently it works quite well, I still have some changes to make but nothing major I think. However for my project I'd need to have all those 4 sensors connected simultaneously on the board, knowing that the Raspi 2B should finally be locked up in its case (understood that I cannot leave it on a lab architecture with the cables and the breadboard).
Regarding the code as far as I've red if there are any links between the sensors all I'll need to do is insert "if" conditions in my Python code, however I would first need to get all the sensors working simultaneously.

I've red dozens on threads over the internet and except having seen that it was definitly possible I couldn't manage to get details on how to do it exactly.

Hope I'll manage to get some informations here.

Thanks for any help and thanks to everyone for participating on the Raspi development.


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Postby BMS Doug » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:11 am

Hi LitoGab,

It's very hard to offer advise without the details of the sensors you are using but the idea would be to amalgamate all of the sensing procedures into one program.

Your Sensors:
temp / humidity (same sensor),
laser beam,
pir (movement)

temp / humidity (same sensor):
This is probably the trickiest one to read, so use the program for this as the base for adding the extras. What guide have you followed so far?

laser beam:
You are detecting beam break? if so this is probably being done as a simple digital input, present when the beam is on, absent when the beam is broken. Fairly simple to add to an existing program and trivial to change the input used.

Lots of ways of doing this one, most probably end up as a digital input as well, so easily movable.

Again a digital input, moving it should be easy if needed.

I would suggest that you post links to the tutorials that you have followed for each of the sensors so that we can give more directed advice.

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