I connected two BMP280 sensors with i2c to Raspberry 3
One with DT0 left open (address 76)
One with DT0 pulled up to 3.3V (address 77)
The HW connection is OK. I can see both sensors (76 and 77) with
i2cdetect -y 1
But how do I install the drivers, so I can see both sensors?
I use the
I had to edit the file
https://github.com/vitally/BMP280/blob/ ... /BMP280.py
and changed the line
# BMP280 default address.
BMP280_I2CADDR = 0x77
to address 0x76 to be able to access the cheap GY BMP280 module with DT0 pin default pulled to GND.

But now I want to use two GY BMP280 sensors (the second with GT0 pulled externally to 3.3V)

So how do I install the Vitally package to access both sensors?