Is there a way to assign an Arduino connected via USB to a Raspberry Pi to a static port name recognizable by LabVIEWs VisaWrite Function?

I am using LabVIEW to write to an Arduino running on a Raspberry Pi via USB serial connection. To connect to the Arduino through LabVIEW, I typically assign ASRL3:INSTR as the VISA Resource Name for VisaWrite within my VI, but, as the Pi is unplugged, the ASRL and corresponding ACM number shifts and this buffer must be modified. When I run the command cat /srv/chroot/labview/usr/local/vxipnp/linux/NIvisa/visaconf.ini, ASRL3::INSTR is listed as Name2, while /dev/ttyACM0 is listed as SystemName2. I've written a udev rule that creates a SYMLINK linking the Arduino itself to dev/arduino,, which maps back to the corresponding /dev/ACMx port the Arduino is running on. I've come to realize that this rule only links whatever port the Arduino is running on to dev/arduino, and that it doesn't actually prevent the device name itself from being assigning ad-hoc. How would I actually bind, rather than link, the Arduino to a standard port name (like ASRLc:INSTR, with c=a constant value) that could serve as a constant VisaResource Name for VISAWrite? Could a udev rule accomplish this?