Hi there

We're looking to build a prototype that makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS and also a 3G or 4G data connection. Ideally we'd also be able to add a piezo buzzer and an LED - yes, we really do need all this for our project!

We're struggling with the Raspberry Pi as it seems that BLE and GPS both compete to use UART (this is certainly true if using Android Things, have not verified on other OS) - and as for adding a SIM card, that also seems rather involved, particularly if one also has other peripherals taking up GPIO space.

I'd appreciate recommendations for:

1. Prototyping Board
Is there a prototyping board that suits our needs, either out the box or with relatively few peripherals added? Ideally we'd be able to put it into a shiny case too for mounting in a vehicle.

2. Operating System / Language
Given that Android Things doesn't yet have telephony support baked in, if we need to use data seems like we'd need to look elsewhere. Perhaps Raspian running node ?