If you are having trouble getting your Energenie adapters working, it's probably due to improperly implemented code. However if you are sure the code has been installed correctly then here is how you can test the adapters:

  • If the adapters can all be paired as socket (or adapter or light) 1 but the options for sockets 2, 3 and 4 fail to pare, it would imply that the code hasn’t been correctly written.
  • If the adapter can be switched ON/OFF using the button on the front and whatever is plugged in goes on or off, the relay is functioning correctly.
  • If while off, you press and hold the button for 4-5 seconds, the LED on the front should begin to blink on and off at half second intervals. This denotes the adapter can enter pairing mode
  • If you hold the button down for a further 4-5 seconds you should see the LED blink rapidly for a second before returning to the slow blinking. This denotes the adapters memory has been cleared and the adapter can be re-paired
  • If, when attempting to pair, the LED on the adapter does NOT blink rapidly and then extinguish but instead continues to blink slowly, either there is a problem with the receiver on the adapter or the transmitter on the Pi.