Hi guys

Using a pi3 inside an old snes case with control block which allows for use of old power switch. Reset button. Led and wired to the original snes joypad ports to allow use of the old pads.

Connected via hdmi.

When the sound goes silent for whatever reason the moment a new noise comes on it misses the first few notes. Its as if the pi is switching off audio output until it registers a noise then turns back on. But the time taken to recognise a noise has started and for the sound to come out the speakers the sound has passed so it always starts kinda wrong

Say i start an arcade game. Press the credit button a few times. you wont hear the first credit noise but rather the sound will "jump to life" and youll hear some of the 2nd credit going in.

All i can say is i think it works fine on my pc hdmi monitor. But on my jbl soundbar which is connected to my projector its then when i have this sound lag. I guess its my soundbar. So. Is there a way around this??