Rii keyboards are usually very reliable, but due to the large quantity we ship, we do get the odd unit that *derps*. Luckily, this can usually be fixed by undertaking a master reset.

Rii keyboard Master reset:

1. Make sure the Rii keyboard is fully charged (preferably overnight)
2. Plug the USB dongle into a device (PC/Pi) and ensure that the device is ON.
3. Make sure that the Rii keyboard is OFF
4. Press and hold F1 on the keyboard
5. Whilst F1 is still being pressed, turn the keyboard ON
6. Release F1 (as soon as you switch the keyboard on)
7. Lights on the device will flash quickly, please wait until this has stopped, it can take a few minutes!
8. The keyboard should then pair with the dongle and be ready for use!

To change the channel on the dongle (if you have disconnect or interference issues):

1. Insert the dongle into PC/Pi and ensure the device is ON
2. Turn the keyboard on and wait for a few seconds.
3. Hold the FN + F1 key for 10 seconds.
4. This should force the keyboard to change channel and reconnect with the dongle

-- Jake