New Official Capacitive HAT Keypad - CapHat

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New Official Capacitive HAT Keypad - CapHat

Post by Think Engineer » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:36 pm

Check out our new Keypad that is currently on Kickstarter. This product has already smashed its funding goal and will be shipped in April. This has some great early pledges if a keypad is what you need to vamp up your Raspberry Pi projects. This is an official HAT plus works with all Raspberry Pi's. Whats not to like about it. ... ref=bcn4lw

The CapHat is an add-on accessory for the Raspberry Pi, which gives creators an instant touch keypad. For those who aren’t familiar, the term HAT stands for ‘Hardware Attached on Top’ and they do pretty much just that - clip on to the top of a Raspberry Pi model, giving users access to fully loaded hardware, such as a camera or battery, for example - you may remember the Makey Makey on Kickstarter, which allowed users to attach everyday objects such as bananas, or your Grandma (!), transforming these in to functional computer controls or effects because why use the spacebar when you could hit a doughnut instead! As an official Raspberry Pi HAT, the CapHat offers the same limitless possibility but already offers the control mechanism in the form of a touch keypad. Build a robot or configure a password-protected light switch – the only limit is the imagination.

Please check it out. Backing this product ends on 15th December 15:00 UK time.

Thank you for looking from the Team at Think Engineer :)
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