Pi Wars – the Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition

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Pi Wars – the Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition

Post by Dave » Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:17 pm

Event: Pi Wars
Date: 5th December 2015
Location: Cambridge Computer Laboratory (William Gates Building) on JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom

About the event:
Pi Wars is a challenge-based robotics competition in which Raspberry Pi-controlled robots are created by teams and then compete in various challenges to earn points. There are prizes awarded at the end of the day. Last year, we had teams from schools, families and groups of hobbyists and 20 of these teams competed for a full day of robot fun and games! Pi Wars takes place in Cambridge, UK and is open to anyone from around the world. It is run by the same team that organises the Cambridge Raspberry Jam.

Keep an eye out for us, we'll be rocking some MMP promo gear!

For more information, and to get tickets, visit: http://piwars.org/
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