Pimoroni pHat Beat - old version?

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Pimoroni pHat Beat - old version?

Post by marvin » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:53 am

Hi - I purchased a Pimoroni "phat beat" from you last week, and following the installation instructions on the Pimoroni site resulted in an error (Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy) and silence. I asked a question on their forum and it appears that they have modified the hardware and that the board I got from you may be an old version. I can get sound from it by stopping a service called "pulse audio" but then there are many loud pops which I am concerned about due to possible speaker damage. It is not suitable for the application anyway because of these pops. There does not appear to be a fix for this other than using the latest version of the board so can I please return this one for a replacement? The "get started" URL on the package results in a 404 error so this must be old stock I think. Thanks.

Order ID - 227529
Version of Raspberry - Pi B3
Part Code/Part Name - MMP-1026 pHAT BEAT
Fault - loud pops from speakers, part apparently incompatible with mfr's firmware
Troubleshooting Completed - consulted Pimoroni after many attempts and reinstalls
Refund or Replacement? - replacement with current version please

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