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SFF EOL Hdello

Post by SFF EOL » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:14 am

A bit of a brutal hello. A few years ago, I bought the Pi 0 and a Pi2B+. Played wit them (as in got them to boot) then they went in a box in a drawer.

Fast forward and I have been diagnosed with a rather serious case of cancer, time is not on my side and I have chemo and so on. Right poorly. I mention it because it means resources are limited because I am now on benefits and I must be realistic about timescales- I’m unlikely to have time to learn C++ now for example.

Anyway, I have one project in mind, a simple one, the Zero as a print server- although I might be better off just buying the Pi0W now I am going to try with the original zero because I have it.

Based in Newport Wales, and more the sort a person who builds things than software. Complete noob with Pi, I understand that it is ARM, so I won’t be asking why I can’t run Windows, but my Linux knowledge is basic, and I am a Windows sort of person.

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