Tinyduino RTC DOA

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Tinyduino RTC DOA

Post by Jeff » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:22 am

Hi there,

Invoice ID: 239011

Package received 3rd Sept 2018

I am having issue with a Tinyduino RTC that I received yesterday. I have been in contact with Sales, and they sent me here. The RTC is simply not responding to commands when I run the example code to set the clock, as shown on the TinyCircuits.com website. This is the case with only the Tinyduino, the comms module and the RTC itself attached. I know that there are no issues with the Tinyduino itself as I have running code for the 9-axis IMU, and loading that code before and after loading the RTC code demonstrates that it is working fine.

Closer inspection of the RTC shows that its battery has been glued down and it appears that the glue has spread underneath, thereby preventing a connection with the negative side of the terminal.


Can you please let me know what the returns procedure is? I need this RTC pretty darn quick for a project that I am working on data-logging spatial points for data capture.

Many thanks


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Re: Tinyduino RTC DOA

Post by Dave » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:16 pm

I'm really sorry about that.

I will have a returns label generated and emailed to you.

In the mean time I will ensure a replacement is shipped out to you today as well.
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